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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our New Backyard Residents

They've been a part of the family for a little over 3 months now, but our chickies didn't get into their permanent quarters until last night. This morning, after breakfast, we went out, opened the door and let the flock have their first look at their new world. We sat back in our lawn furniture to watch the show. Yes, we are easily entertained.

A couple of the reds & a black were the first to pop their heads out.

This is Ariel, Aurora & Jasmine. 

Ariel hung out on the logs a little while & looked around but Aurora & Jasmine ducked back inside.

Prince Charming was the 1st one brave enough to actually put feet on the ground.

Laural helped make the new waterer. Here she is hauling over the supplies.

Micah decided to come get a closeup seat for the chicken watching.

When we opened the front door to put a little more bedding material in, the Brahmas decided they were heading out. They stuck together in a group, finding the mulch pile right behind the coop and picked in that for a bit.

I love how they all stayed in their safe little group.

After a little more exploration, they found some weeds by the fence that they just loved! They pretty much stayed here for the rest of the afternoon.

Snow White, Cinderella & Rapunzel look for some tasty greens.

Aurora, Tiana & Belle were finally coaxed out of the coop by some food.

Pocahontas joined the others for a bite to eat. Ariel & Jasmine went & hid under the coop before running back inside. They weren't quite ready for the great outdoors.

After they were a little more used to their surroundings, the group of Brahmas explored a little further away from the coop but the reds & blacks finished eating at the feeder and went back in the coop. I herded the Brahmas back into the coop in the evening and everyone seemed happy enough. I hope the reds & blacks get a little braver & explore a little tomorrow.

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

For several years, at the beginning of summer, we have talked about all the things we'd like to do over the summer. We usually get a few things accomplished but by the end of summer we have forgotten many of the things we so excitedly discussed at summer's start. This year, we are going to try something new. After seeing a post on Pinterest, the kids, hubby & I sat down to create our own Summer Bucket List for 2012. When we were all done brainstorming, we had a list of 103 things to do! Some are simple backyard fun things while others require some travel. Some are free while others will require a fee. Some are educational while others are simple, mindless fun. No matter what they are though, one thing is certain - we are going to have quite the fun summer! We have already completed several things and we might just add to the list if something comes to mind. I might make up a cute chart, list or something else like the ones I've seen on Pinterest, but not sure yet.

Our 2012 Summer Bucket List

1. make backyard tents
2. water balloon piƱatas
3. go camping
4. toast marshmallows
5. outdoor finger painting
6. make branch blocks
7. build a fairy garden/fairy house
8. create our own outdoor wonderland
9. color scavenger hunt
10. make a water wall
11. have a picnic in the park
12. take a nature walk
13. take an alphabet walk
14. go to Carnegie Museum of Art
15. go to Carnegie Science Center
16. go to Carnegie Museum of Natural History
17. go to the drive-in movies
18. go to the beach
19. fly a kite
20. read outside
21. blow bubbles
22. go fishing
23. go bowling
24. plant a garden
25. gaze at the stars/find constellations
26. bird watching/learn bird calls
27. make a bird house & feeder
28. go geocaching
29. go to the farmer's market
30. play board games outside
31. make a terrarium
32. make homemade ice pops & eat them outside
33.make sun prints
34. play in the sprinklers
35. make s'mores
36. participate in summer reading program
37. go mini golfing
38. bbq & eat outside
39. have a yard sale
40. make root beer floats
41. have a water balloon battle
42. make nature rubbings
43. make straw structures
44. watch fireworks
45. make elephant toothpaste
46. paint outside
47. play I spy
48. jump rope
49. hula hoop
50. go to the zoo
51. watch a meteor shower
52. go to a flea market
53. go swimming
54. go to a parade
55. go to a fair
56. visit the train park/museum in Greenville
57. make pizza on the grill
58. tour a fire department
59. play at a playground
60. make rock bugs
61. play with play dough outside
62. make sponge balls & have a water battle
63. outdoor bowling
64. go to creation museum in Akron
65. make a sand castle
66. play Frisbee/Frisbee golf
67. watch a sunset
68. ice block treasures
69. make bubble snakes
70. play with sparklers and do backyard fireworks
71. make a photo memory book
72. play in the rain
73. catch crawfish (and release)
74. have a campfire sing-a-long/jam
75. play hot/cold
76. make a nature table
77. do the mint candy/diet cola experiment
78. decorate enchanted garden for 4th of July
79. go to Strawberry Days in Grove City (June 8, 9, 10)
80. go to an outdoor concert
81. make lemonade
82. ride bicycles
83. find shapes in the clouds
84. feed the geese at the park
85. memorize a scripture verse (or a few)
86. make a fruit pizza 
87. drink mojitos/faux-jitos around the campfire
88. make a backyard melody maker (as seen in Family Fun magazine)
89. Koosh ball painting
90. go to yard sales
91. eat watermelon & spit the seeds
92. make dot art with ink & pencil erasers or cotton swabs
93. blow up balloons with CO2 (vinegar & baking soda)
94. make homemade finger paints
95. make cotton swab fireworks pictures
96. play with glow sticks outside at night
97. watch fireflies and report what we see online
98. make mountain pies
99. have glowing drinks at night
100. play with lots of glow sticks in the pool at night
101. hike at McConnells Mill State Park
102. go Cosmic Bowling
103. feed the fish at Linesville

I'll be keeping this list up, crossing off things as we do them and linking to posts of us doing each thing as we go. I'm really looking forward to our summer of fun!


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