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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our New Backyard Residents

They've been a part of the family for a little over 3 months now, but our chickies didn't get into their permanent quarters until last night. This morning, after breakfast, we went out, opened the door and let the flock have their first look at their new world. We sat back in our lawn furniture to watch the show. Yes, we are easily entertained.

A couple of the reds & a black were the first to pop their heads out.

This is Ariel, Aurora & Jasmine. 

Ariel hung out on the logs a little while & looked around but Aurora & Jasmine ducked back inside.

Prince Charming was the 1st one brave enough to actually put feet on the ground.

Laural helped make the new waterer. Here she is hauling over the supplies.

Micah decided to come get a closeup seat for the chicken watching.

When we opened the front door to put a little more bedding material in, the Brahmas decided they were heading out. They stuck together in a group, finding the mulch pile right behind the coop and picked in that for a bit.

I love how they all stayed in their safe little group.

After a little more exploration, they found some weeds by the fence that they just loved! They pretty much stayed here for the rest of the afternoon.

Snow White, Cinderella & Rapunzel look for some tasty greens.

Aurora, Tiana & Belle were finally coaxed out of the coop by some food.

Pocahontas joined the others for a bite to eat. Ariel & Jasmine went & hid under the coop before running back inside. They weren't quite ready for the great outdoors.

After they were a little more used to their surroundings, the group of Brahmas explored a little further away from the coop but the reds & blacks finished eating at the feeder and went back in the coop. I herded the Brahmas back into the coop in the evening and everyone seemed happy enough. I hope the reds & blacks get a little braver & explore a little tomorrow.


NaturalFamiLea said...

I love how you named them! :) My daughter has names for some of them, but I can't keep track of them.

Awesome! :)

~LKB said...

Thanks Lea! I can't imagine trying to keep track of names when you have 60+ chickens! When we were discussing names, I mentioned that the really red hen should be Ariel because of the red but also because Laural's favorite princess is Ariel because she has the same hair as Ariel. So, the rest of the chickens had to have princess names as well. LOL And of course, the boy had to be Prince Charming. We may have a 2nd boy though. Not sure if we will be naming him or eating him at this point. We only ever planned on one rooster.


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