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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Bento

I decided to make a quickie Halloween bento for Laural today while Micah was napping. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera died, so I had to use my phone which takes perfectly fine pics if there is plenty of light. It was, however, a very overcast day here in not-so-sunny western PA, so my pic is a little blurry.
She had: slimy worms, mummies with bloody feet, a jack-o-lantern and spider eggs in white goo.
Also known as green beans with butter, hot dogs wrapped in croissant strips with ketchup to dip in, half an orange with fruit roll features and vanilla yogurt with orange and yellow nonpareils. It was a big hit and she ate every last morsel. Mommy just had the leftover bits and pieces.

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melismama said...

Love it. You are sooooo creative! gets me in the Halloween mood!



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