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Friday, October 22, 2010

Muffin Tin Meal - Halloween Edition

The current theme over at Muffin Tin Mom is Halloween and I've been looking forward to this one! There are just so many fun things you can do with a Halloween theme. Here is what we came up with:

Top: Jack-o-Lanterns filled with Red Eyeballs (oranges with grapes inside), Owl S'mores, Witches Brew (green smoothie)
Bottom: Severed Fingers (string cheese with almond slices), Candy Corn Pizza, Monster Mouths (apples with almond slices)

Laural loved every bit of it. She kept telling me that she didn't know what to go for first.

Micah really only was interested in eating the chocolate and candy corn off the owl. He was fascinated with everything and loved pointing it all out to me, but he refused to eat anything else. Even the pizza which he normally loves. I guess it didn't quite look right to him.

Aren't these Jack-O-Lantern oranges too cute? I forget where I first saw them - one of the blogs I peep in on or the Family Fun magazine website.

String Cheese Fingers are so creepy! I really liked these. You can see that I cut lines in for the knuckles in this pic. I think I got this one from Our Best Bites.

Monster Mouths are fun and easy. I saw versions of these in several places - some used marshmallows, some used almond slivers and some gave them eyes. I like how they look with the almond slices.

I saw these cuties at Living Locurto. I made mine with strawberry marshmallows (that's all I had), chocolate candy melts since aI had those on hand and little bits of white gum paste with a candy corn for a beak. Love 'em!

Candy Corn Pizza! Ok, it only looks like candy corn - no candy in this pizza. It's a simple cheese pizza - mozzarella in the middle and cheddar around the edge. I saw this somewhere a long time ago but forgot about it until seeing it on Our Best Bites again a few days ago. I sometimes wish I had cuter plates to put things on, but honestly, I don't have the space or the money to go out and buy a variety of plates and dishes for every holiday so my good old flowery Corning Wear will have to do!

I've decided to start doing our muffin tin meals whenever I feel like it rather than only on Monday. I actually intended to start this a long while ago, but I'm a procrastinator in everything that I do. I'll still try to participate in the themes and post to Muffin Tin Mom Blog but getting them done on Monday is just too much of a rush for me since our weekends tend to be so busy.

Don't forget to go on over to Muffin Tin Mom to see what is being served in tins around the world!
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{Bobbi} said...

Completely and udderly AWESOME!

Hailey's Butterfly Garden said...

I love the owl gram cracker!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The fingers, teeth, and owl are wonderful! You really did an awesome job on this tin.

Leesa said...

That owl is absolutely fantastic and I love your carved orange! It looks like you and I had a few of the same ideas for our tins.

Sandy said...

YUM! I love those Owl smores! Happy MTM!

SnoopyGirl said...

Too cute my dear! Great job! :-)

Dana said...

WE love the apples and the teeth. We also loved the owl. Very cute lunch.

Jennifer said...

The orange is nothing less than creative genious! I love it!

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Such creative stuff! I love that little owl!

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

oh LKB, that's an awesome tin! love how you puleed everything together.

even thought you won't be doing MTM on mondays' I hope you will still link up!

Anonymous said...

What a great tin! The owl looks so perfect, I'd love to see that on the table for me to dig into.


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