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Friday, December 3, 2010


The month of November has not been kind to me this year. I spent a great deal of last month feeling quite miserable. It started with a tickle in my throat on about November 3rd that turned into a cough and major chest congestion. I'm still not sure whether it was a cold or the flu or something else entirely. Near the end of the month, I started to feel a little better but then my kids both caught a cold which they so thoughtfully shared with me. That was enough to let the 1st illness get a 2nd stab at me. Now that we are 3 days in to December, I am starting once again to feel a little energy return to my worn out body. I can still only breathe though one nostril though. I probably should have gone to the doctor weeks ago but each time I made up my mind to call, I started to feel a little better and ended up not calling. Anyhow, I think I am finally on the mend and will hopefully be back to my homeschooling, muffin tin monday making, blogging self again soon. We might even manage to get our Christmas tree up sometime in the coming week!

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