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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

This year, Christmas morning was a little different than it has been over the past several years. This year, a little girl's voice gently woke me up by saying,"Mommy, it's Christmas morning! It's morning! It's Christmas!" This was the first time that we were awakened on Christmas morning instead of having to wake the kids up. As I walked down the hall, Micah's little head popped up from the inside of his crib. He had a big, big smile on his little face and said "Merry Christmas, Mommy!" So sweet! Since Laural was behind me and Steve was still in bed, I knew he came up with it on his own. My heart melted. After getting everyone to the bathroom and slippers and robes on, we headed downstairs to see what wonderful surprises Santa had left us. Both kids were extremely excited and both went right for the presents. It was tough to keep them at a slow enough pace so we could see them open everything. Laural and Micah both got the Pillow Pets they had wanted, so that made for happy children. Micah was so excited! He just wanted to keep ripping packages open. Laural was very excited too - she couldn't wait to see what was next. We had quite the fun morning. After opening all the presents, it was time to get ready to go out to relatives. First up was Steve's mom's and in the afternoon it was to my Grandparent's place. All of my brother's and their kids were there so things got completely chaotic for a while. We didn't stay a very long time because I was feeling rather poorly, so we headed home to let the kids play with some of their new loot and then it was bedtime. Micah was very afraid of the new moon light in their room so he freaked a bit. A few minutes later, he asked Steve "Mommy sleep?" He wanted to sleep with me. So, Steve brought him in and Laural came too. I told them they could cuddle for 10 minutes or so but we all fell asleep pretty fast. A little more than an hour later, I woke up and realized we were all zonked. I woke Steve up and he carried the little ones to their own beds. As much as I enjoy having those sweet little munchkins snuggled up against me, it's hard to sleep with 4 in a bed.

It was a long but glorious day that I will always treasure. I love having my children to celebrate with. I had a few moments of sadness when I thought about the little man who is missing from our family. I really miss my Alexander this time of year. I keep reminding myself that he gets to celebrate with the birthday boy himself - Jesus! It brings a little comfort. After 7 years, my arms still ache to hold him. I am so very blessed to have my Laural and Micah though. They bring me such joy. The Father has blessed me more than I deserve.

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