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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair Cut Day

I wish I understood why it is so very hard for me to give my son a hair cut. Maybe because it's a surefire sign that he is no longer my baby and is turning into a little boy right before my eyes. Maybe it's just because I love those sweet red curls. Whatever it is, I decided that it was time to cut it. The reason? While in Walmart yesterday, three (3!) people mistook him for a little girl. Sigh. He doesn't like me messing with his hair - whether it be brushing, washing or cutting - so Daddy had to help keep him distracted while I cut his curls down to a more boy looking length. 

 The Before Shot - He and Laural playing with the nesting blocks this morning.

The After Shot: Saying cheese for mommy after the hair cut was over.

Such a big change. I managed to keep back the tears as I cut my big boy's hair, but a little part of me felt so sad to see all his lovely locks in the garbage can. Oh well. I suppose he can't be my baby forever.

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