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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Enchanted Garden

To give my children a place to call their own and to keep them busy as I work in my own garden beds, I created an Enchanted Garden for them. I sketched it out on Sunday, shopped on Monday and put it together today. I actually started yesterday but decided that some of the work was going to require a little help from the hubby.

We started with a small are just behind an 8 foot wide raised flower beds that I have let go crazy (that will be changing soon).

 After removing the sod from the 8x3.5 foot area, I mixed a little mulch into the rather rocky earth.

 We got the mulch for free from our own yard. This Saturday, somebody came to grind out the stumps from our yard which provided a LOT of mulch!

Next, we added a small rhododendron bush that Laural picked out and a couple of pavers which will be the seating area. I plan to put a child size bench here when I find one that I like.
Then came my favorite feature - a fountain. After searching the home improvement stores online and seeing that fountains are super expensive, I decided to make my own by buying a mid size flower pot, drilling & sealing as needed, add a pump and nozzle kit for a simple and plain fountain. That changed, however, when I saw this little cutie at Lowe's which I hadn't seen online. Well, I loved it immediately because it was just perfect for a children's garden and it was only $13 more that the parts I needed to make a homemade fountain! It was meant to be!

Next was cedar edging and a couple of stepping stones followed by a thick layer of mulch.

 Then came some fun details. Some cute gardening tools, a watering can, pots, flowers to be planted, a pinwheel, solar lights that change color and the kids' chairs. Also placed in the garden were a flower pick, a ladybug pick and some large stones for decorating.

 And there we have it! An enchanted garden fit for a little princess and prince!

The only thing left is to bring the kids out to see their new garden!

The fountain was an instant hit!

What fun! I wish I were a kid again so I could play in The Enchanted Garden! It's all good though - it is such a joyful sight to see my two cuties having such fun in their own special little place.

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Lori @ Beneath the Rowan Tree said...

That is wonderful! And they look pleased as punch (and look at the GORGEOUS red hair!!)
Thanks for coming to our playdate, please do come again!!


happyhomefairy.com said...

What a darling garden! What kid wouldn't love that!? It's simply magical! Thank you for stopping by Happy Home Fairy - your comment made my day!


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