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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Night Time Fun in the Enchanted Garden

What good is having neat color changing solar lights in your garden if you aren't outside at night to see them? Right? So I promised the kids that as long as the weather was good, we would head out to the garden to see the lights once it started to get dark. To add to the fun, we plucked the glow sticks out of their Easter baskets before heading outside. It was a bit of a job keeping them from splashing in the fountain, but they managed to have tons of fun even without getting wet. In fact, I had a very tough time getting them to settle down for bedtime and Micah didn't fall asleep until well after midnight! Lucky for him I'm a night person.

The 1st trick was getting them to stand still long enough for a quick pic of night time in the garden.

Then the fun stuff began.
Figuring out what kinds of things they could do with the glow sticks...

Then lots & lots of jumping!

I took a few moments to enjoy the sight of the dusky sky and treelines but I don't think the kiddos gave it much thought. 


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