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Friday, June 17, 2011

Flip Flop Boxes

I decided to do a summer themed sensory tub for the kids for June but I was having a rough time deciding what to put in it. So, I just had to make a trip to Pat Catan's (for those unfamiliar, it's a arts & craft store, something like Michael's). I found a few things of interest including some paper mache flip flop boxes. They were so super cute that I just had to have a pair. Unfortunately, they were all right footed, so I figured I'd buy two anyhow and just make some mismatched flip flops.



They're a little sloppy because the entire time I was trying to paint the details, the kids seemed to be taking turns moving, shaking, pushing, leaning on or jiggling the table. Oh well. It's just for the sensory tub, so they are the only ones who will be seeing them regularly.

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