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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Visit to Living Treasures Animal Park

We decided to go see some animals today at Living Treasures down near Portersville. We had a fabulous time seeing & feeding the animals.


Black Swan

Feeding the various deer.


My favorite: Ring Tailed Lemurs


Rattle Snakes

African Spurred Tortoise


Alligator Hatchling

Wallaby with baby on board

Emu - Doesn't this guy look like the evil villain of the animal world?


Micah putting feed in the tube for the bears.

Bear receiving feed.

Barbary Lion (and the reflection of my feet)

Baby Ring Tailed Lemur

Pygmy Marmosets

Prairie Dogs





Very sweet baby Camel

Laural & Micah feeding the Baby Brahma


Laural feeding the goats.


Llama with a cheesy grin.

After visiting with the animals, we were starving so we headed toward Grove City and went to Elephant & Castle for an early dinner. Their food is very good but portions are enormous - I have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow!

 Laural at Elephant & Castle with her new pet zebra, "Stripey" from Living treasures.

Micah at Elephant & Castle singing his version of "Where's Micah?" (Five Iron Frenzy song)

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