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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deer + Car = Not So Fortunate Deer

I went out grocery shopping a little while ago. My folks kept the kids so I could have a little easier time getting in and out of the stores. I had just left my parents' when I saw something moving on the road up ahead. I realized it was a deer and slowed down to avoid hitting it. As I got a little closer, I realized that it had already been hit. It was flopping on the side of the road trying to get away. The sight broke my heart. I pulled off the road and called my dad. The deer had at least one broken leg, maybe two. It needed to be put down. They called the state police and got permission to kill it. Dad came out to where I was waiting and Brian joined a few minutes later. I had been there about half an hour and decided it was time to leave before they did the deed. Tender-hearted as I am, I cried most of the drive home anyhow. I will have to talk to Brian later to see what arrangements they made for it. I know his friend Shawn was coming to help gut it and hang it, but I don't know when they will cut it. I wonder what they will do with the hide. As sad as it was, I know that God put us in that situation for a reason. We are definitely in need and the deer will provide meat for us as well as my brother and parents. I don't know how much there will be, but maybe Grandma & Grandpa can have some too. I just prefer to see my meat in it's end product, wrapped in cellophane and ready to cook. It's so much harder when the poor thing is looking up at you, terrified and in pain. Sigh.

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