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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MIcah is Officially a Walker!

Yep, my baby boy finally took those steps toward being a big boy. Instead of the occasional couple of steps and then giving up, he was walking around the living room more than crawling tonight. It was so cute watching him walk. He's still a bit stiff about it, but he does it! My baby isn't a baby anymore. Being a mom has so many bittersweet moments. I want our children to grow and develop, hit the milestones on time and be "normal." At the same time, I want them to remain my little babies that I can hold in my arms and cuddle and snuggle with forever. A year ago, Micah wanted me to hold him all the time (which I admit, was tiresome at points) but since he became mobile, he wants down to explore whatever goodies his big sister may have left on the floor. I went through the same thing with Laural of course - only it was a bit sooner with her than it has been with Micah. His health issues at birth still have him behind a bit, but it really does seem to be going faster now. In just the past couple of days, he has picked up several new words. He now says "drink," "light," and he repeats a lot of letters as I spell things for Laural. I know he says a couple other words but right now I can't remember them.

Laural, well, what can I say about Laural right now? LOL Some days that girl can seriously try my patience. One minute she's being such a sweetheart and the next she's turned into an unfamiliar snotty brat-child. She is most definitely living up to the "firey redhead" stereotype. LOL Our days have a lot of ups and downs. I still wouldn't trade these days for anything. Just yesterday, I said to Steve as both kids were chattering loudly in the back seat on the way home from grocery shopping, "Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we didn't have them?" It would be empty and sad. Not a life I am interested in. Having kids can be frightening, exciting, tiring, crazy, fun, and a whole load of other things in just a single day! But it is, without a doubt, the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. When I look into those little faces that are looking up at wanting reassurance, love or just somebody to play Barbies with, I know that I am doing exactly what God has intended for me to do - be a mom!

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