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Thursday, October 1, 2009

He Finally Did It!

So far, Micah has only ever walked 2 or 3 steps unassisted, while pushing something or along something. But today, he did it! He was standing beside Laural's table getting over the fact that I had just said "no" to him about a million times because he was playing with the game tv. After he got past his tears, he stood there grinning at me for several minutes. The next thing I know, he started walking toward me. He got about 2/3 of the way to me when he got shy and closed his eyes and lost his balance. Instead of crawling the rest of the way, he got himself back on his feet - without using anything to pull up on - and walked the rest of the way to me! I was so excited for him and Laural was too. He was all bubbly and giggly as he grabbed onto my leg. He gets so excited about things when we make a big deal of it. It was so cute to see that little man walking. I am thrilled that he is finally walking. As I sat there telling him what a good boy he was, I couldn't help but flash back to 18 months ago when we weren't even sure if he was going to be with us very long and doctors were telling us they thought he might need a liver transplant. He's come a long way since those NICU days. I'm one very happy and blessed mommy.

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