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Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Park

It's been several weeks since we've been in the Grove City Memorial Park. The last time we went, we took the kids to play for a little while in the playground. Today, we had time to kill, so we drove back through the park, past the girl scout building toward the ball fields and we were shocked by what we saw. Almost all of the trees in the center area where the road goes back and comes back around were gone. All that was left was sawdust. I couldn't believe it! That small bit of forest was so awesome the way the trees were so straight and close together. Walking through there, I could easily imagine it being the setting for stoies about fairies and unicorns and magical things. How sad that it was gone! I found out a little later that there was some sort of blight on the pine trees and they all had  to be removed. What a heartbreaking thing. I hope I still have some of the pictures of that little wooded area.

The area deer didn't seem to be too put out by the missing trees. There were two grazing in the open and didn't even flinch as we drove through. Kf the trees were still there, we wouldn't have even caught a glimpse of this guy.

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