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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Today started off pretty slow. Since both kids have been sick with coughs and stuffy noses, I decided to keep them home from church today. We didn't want to infect anybody else. They were getting a little stir crazy so I decided to start dinner a little early and then maybe go outside to play. As I was making dinner, my mom called to invite us over for a little cookout if the kids were feeling better since we missed yesterday due to Laural's fever. So, I put away the dinner fxins and started getting the kids out of their pajamas. We had a nice dinner outside at my folk's. Rob & Amy and the kids were there. Laural and Micah had a fantastic time running around with their cousins. They played in the sandbox and the old swingset and just ran around the yard. When Amy came over to Micah to say goodbye, she noticed he had a ton of sand in his hair. Well, knowing we were going to be out late with the fireworks, I figured the kids might like a little water play so I got the hose out. It was warm at first, so I took advantage of that and rinsed as much sand out of his hair as I could. He was not pleased. But his hair was nearly clear of sand! Laural got doused too. After getting them dried off, it was time to head out for fireworks! 

Grove City was packed by the time we got there. We missed last year but the year before that, it wasn't nearly so crowded. They do it quite nicely though, having marching bands play patriotic music in the college football stadium up until fireworks time. The fireworks started 1 minute late. I was a little worried about how Micah would handle it since he was not a happy camper at the Disney fireworks displays. At first, he kept his eyes tightly shut and didn't look happy at all. I told Steve to plug Micah's ears and after that he relaxed a little. By about half way through, he was pointing and oohing and ahhing over the bright lights. We got home around 11:15 PM and I got the kids right into bed. They were fast asleep within 10 minutes. The only thing I wish was different about the day is that I wish I had remembered my camera to get some pics of Micah & Laural enjoying the fireworks. I'm so mad that I forgot it! I guess there's always the Stoneboro Fair fireworks in September.

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