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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bento Lunch Today

Even though we weren't out for lunch today, I decided to make a bento lunch for Laural anyhow, just because she loves them so much.
String cheese rounds, red grapes, vanilla yogurt with freeze dried blueberries, strawberry flowers, a peanut butter & clover jelly sandwich and carrots.

She was quite pleased with the meal. It did look rather appetizing.

So I made the same thing for myself too!

Poor Micah slept through lunch. I don't think he would have eaten the fruits or veggies but I'm sure he would have loved the sandwich, yogurt (without the blueberries) and maybe even the cheese.


Amy Edge said...

I love this lunch! I am new to bento! thanks for the inspiration!

~LKB said...

Hi Amy! Glad you stopped by! I hope you have as much fun with bento as we do! :)


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