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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeschool Today

We had a great day today, even though I still feel completely disorganized.

Started geography today. We began by putting a big puzzle of the United States together. We talked about how all the different states make up one big country. The puzzle has lots of little pictures on each state showing what things that state is known for. She really enjoyed seeing little pictures of some of the things we've seen, like Spaceship Earth at Epcot in Florida.

For math today, Laural practiced writing her numbers - she still has a little trouble with 5 & 6. Then she did some addition problems in her sticker book.

She reviewed a lot of the Spanish that she did in Pre-K. We discovered the spots she needs to work on before we move on to the next level.

In Bible time, we talked about being honest and playing nice. We made a homemade ring toss game and practiced playing nicely and not getting upset when your turn is over or when you don't do very well at the game.

For recess/gym time, we had a kitchen dance party. Laural got down and did a crab dance. Very cute!

We also did reading and music today.

We introduced our shape for the week - square. I gave him the magna doodle and helped him draw squares on it. He got a kick out of that. Then we went around the kitchen looking for things in the shape squares. We found a cd case, a napkin, a box of canning lids and his Moo, Cow, Moo book and then we read the book. We talked about our weekly theme - cows - and I showed him a picture of a cow. We practiced our best mooing. I also showed him a picture of a calf which is our weekly vocabulary word. The pictures and the shape go on the Learning Poster. I still have to fix up the learning poster because he tore some things off of it when he was younger plus I need to put his name on it. We sang "Old McDonald Had A Farm" using the animals bull, cow and calf which all, of course, say moo! Then we put on some music for the dance party and we encouraged him to dance like a cow. Here is how he was dancing:
Too cute

We had a fun and productive day today. I can't wait until tomorrow!

I also wanted to mention that I found a really neat (and free) online planner at http://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com/. It takes a little bit of looking around to get the hang of it, but I really like it. I have the whole year outlined and each day, I can look at the course schedule and make sure that I am not forgetting any of our subjects or activities I have planned!


varunner said...

Thanks for entering my muffin tin giveaway!
Love those red curls on your kids. Looks like they had a fun day of school :-)

melismama said...

Sounds like you had a great day of school! I love that puzzle! Peace to you!


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