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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School & Muffin Tin Monday & Treasure Hunting!

We have had a fun and busy first day of school today! Laural started the day with a dentist appointment - her teeth are perfect though they did say they'd like her to floss more. Other than that, her teeth look clean and there are no cavities! Yay!

Laural's first day of school picture. Such a little beauty. Remember what she looked like last year?
She's growing up so fast!
A soon as we were home, we started our school day with a treasure hunt. I gave Laural and Micah the treasure map and they had to follow the map to find, first the additional pieces of the map and then the treasure. Both kids had a ball looking arounf the yard and then looking through their treasure boxes.

Checking out the initial map she received.

Found the last piece!

Following the map.

Could this be the X that marks the spot?

I cheated a bit. I really didn't want to dig a hole and bury the treasure, so I took an old bird cage bottom and covered the treasure with it. It was quite convenient that it had a big X on the bottom. Once she uncovered the treasure, we went inside to look at the booty.

Each kiddo got a plastic pencil box filled with back to school goodies: A sheet of stickers, a flash card box, 6 pencils, pencil grips, a pink pet eraser, thumbtack (for mommy to tack up their school work on the bulletin board), a post it pad, some silly bandz, a new pack of crayons, a composition book and a fruit roll up. Micah wasn't happy that none of his pencils were sharpened. Once I sharpened a pencil for him, he got right to work writing in his comp book and on the post its.

After searching through their boxes, it was time to start with school work.

Micah began by coloring a cow picture because his theme this week is cows. I also read the book Moo, Cow, Moo. We learned that a baby cow is called a calf. I read the book What is a Farm? to both kids, focusing on the cow a little extra for Micah's sake.

Laural did Hooked on Phonics on the computer and did some workbook work.

Then it was lunch time and Muffin Tin Monday to boot! Since we had a treasure hunt today, I decided to do a treasure hunt tin rather than do the number theme.

We had: A Compass (pb&j sandwich with icing directions and a blueberry center with carrot needle), Gold Coins (yellow colored string cheese circles), Pearly Gems (sugared grapes and blueberries), Diamonds and Emeralds (cucumbers cut in the shape of diamonds and emeralds - skin on for the emeralds) and a Buried Treasure (a silver wrapped Hershey Kiss in pudding & cookie dirt). It was a big hit!

Micah went right for the chocolate - of course!

Laural liked to keep changing the carrot to point in other directions.

As always, check out Muffin Tin Mom and see what other kids had in their muffin tins today!
Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

After lunch, Micah went down for his nap and Laural continued her class work - some math, geography and writing. I have to admit, I'm not as organized as I wanted to be since I started a week earlier than I had originally planned, but Laural doesn't mind. She's just thrilled to be having school again. She's been asking all summer long when we were going to do school again. She has a heart for learning!


Rachel said...

I love the compass! So UNIQUE! It looks like the kids really enjoyed the pre-lunch treasure hunt :) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

this is one of my favorites that i have seen on MTM...I may have to "borrow" the idea!

~LKB said...

Thanks so much, Rachel & Sarah! :)
Sarah - borrow away! Send a link so I can see yours if you do one. :)

TheMoellerPad said...

Love your theme! Such an awesome Idea..

Holly said...

Great idea! I love the buried treasure.

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

such a unique and creaive tin. love the "x" marks the spot!

kewkew said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your muffin tin is amazing. I like that your daughter was playing with the compass "needle" and I also love your idea of the buried treasure, both in the muffin tin and the hunt.

Dana said...

Loved it! Have a wonderful school year!

Candy said...

I have just spent the past hour looking at a lot of these Muffin tin Monday meals around the web and I think this is my favorite. Sooo creative. Great job!!

Vallimasoos said...

Awesome tin!

Love the treasure hunt theme!

Monica said...

What a fun way to start your school year! The muffin tin looks so nice and well done. It looks like you are off to a great year together!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the hunt and all the treasures. Your tin looks so good.


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