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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Hunt!

It is back to school time! One of the things we are doing this year to get ready for back to school is a fun treasure hunt! On Monday before lunch, I will present Laural & Micah with a treasure map that I made. They will have to follow each step in order to find the next piece of the map that will show them where to go for the next piece until they eventually find the treasure. The treasure will be pencil boxes filled with some school supplies and goodies. I can't wait to do this. I want to do it now but will have to wait until I at least finish my supply shopping this weekend!

The map.
I made it from felt and that puffy squeeze paint. This is our side yard and driveway. The dark green circles are meant to represent trees. The red and brown square is our fire pit. The blue square is the playhouse and the red and yellow thing is a toddler swing and slide set. Just above the number 6 is the turtle sandbox. The gold, sparkly line arounf the driveway is the fence. The X marks the spot and the red, dashed line shows the path the kids are to take. Click on the pic for a bigger version to see the detail.

This is what the kids will receive. They will have to start at the red dot and go to where the map shows them in order to find the next part of the map. Once they find it, they will have to glue it on the map so they know where to go next.

I put each of the pieces in a numbered zip top bag and will hide them in the morning before the hunt. Some will be slightly buried and some will be up high - like hanging from a tree branch, and some will be inside something else like the sandbox or the playhouse.

The treasure.
It's not much of a treasure now, but this weekend, I will stuff it with school supplies and other goodies to make it a real treasure. Laural is going to love this and Micah will think it's awesome just because Laural will be so excited about it. Me, I am going to have a rough time remembering to take pics because I'll be having so much fun watching them get into this.

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