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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Bunny Bento

I decided to make myself a bento to go along with the kids' Muffin Tin Monday meal and I also decided to make a separate post for it so when I link up to What's For Lunch Wednesday, it isn't cluttered with all the extra stuff. I went with a bunny theme for lunch and here is what I had:
A tiny clementine with a heart cut to make for easier peeling, apple bunnies, a carrot with a broccoli top, edamame & a few snap peas, a bunny sandwich (cheese inside) with fruit leather facial features and jelly bread ears, a ham flower, and a boiled Easter egg decorated with nori & cheese.

I used the ham flower and some of the lettuce baran on the bunny bread & cheese to make for a yummy sandwich. Tucked under the bunny and out of sight are pieces of scrap bread that i used as mini sandwiches with ham & lettuce. It was a yummy lunch but a bit too big so the clementine was saved to be a tasty treat for later.

Bento Lunch
I'm linking to What's for Lunch Wednesday so click on the button to what made it's way into bento boxes  around the world this week!

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