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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Lamb Bento

It's been a while since I've pulled out my bento boxes but I've been itching to use them. We usually use them for picnics in the park but it's been so cold for so long, there is no way we would have been eating in the park! So even though it's cold and rainy today, I made bento just to have inside in the warmth of our kitchen rather than wait any longer for the weather to comply with my wishes.

Big dish: A lamb shaped (kind of) ham & cheese sandwich, a ham flower, cherry tomato flower with corn & pea, macaroni & cheese with cheese stars and snap peas for garnish.
Small dish: Two mushrooms made from mini sweet peppers & carrots for stem, strawberries & snap peas with a little clementine cut in half on purple lettuce.

I wasn't thrilled with how the lamb came out. I wish I had some of the cute little punches for making facial features. I've tried cutting things out of nori in the past for eyes and such but they just never turn out like I want them to. Oh well. Looks like it might be time to hit up some of my favorite ebay bento sellers again. Shh... don't tell Steve. Teehee.

I linked up to What's for Lunch Wednesday over at BentoLunch.net. Check it out for more fun bento!

1 comment:

gnoegnoe said...

I love seeing all the newborn lambs in the meadow! Good for you that you're not waiting any longer for picnic weather. Any day = bento day!


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