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Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Snack Time Survival Kit

I recently entered a giveaway at Molly Green's Econobusters blog and won! Yay! I love entering blog giveaways but I don't win very often. This is the 3rd time in many, many entries on many, many blogs. Our prize was the Beanstalk Express Snack Time Survival Kit and we got it today! Laural was super excited to see it (and I was too)!
It's a clock, with 3 little positionable clocks underneath it. Each little clock has a hook under it to hang a snack card on. There are 33 different snack card ideas and each day, you let the kiddos pick 3 cards they want to have as a snack that day, hang them on the hooks and set the time that they will be able to have the snack. In our case, Laural has been watching the clock like a hawk so she can tell me when it's time to have the next snack. Unfortunately, she had to watch our regular kitchen clock since the clock on the survival kit isn't working. I think we will have to send it back for a replacement.

As you can see from the above picture, our first snack was apples and peanut butter and here we have it!

Laural wanted them to look just like the picture card - on a red plate, but alas, no red plates in our house, so this was the best I could do for her. Then we had a talk about how we will not be able to make all the snacks look like the ones on the card. Micah just ended up eating the peanut butter straight out of the cup, using an apple as a spoon. Laural and I ate his apples. I wish there was some magic trick I could use to get him to eat fruits and veggies!

Laural's ear is looking pretty good today. She gets the stitches out tomorrow! She's nervous but I think she's looking forward to having them gone. As it's healing and the bruising is settling in more, we have been able to see how a bit more of the damage. While only the top part actually split, you can see the area below that was damaged underneath. She really did a number on her poor ear!

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