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Monday, February 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

I wasn't planning on doing Muffin tin Monday today because I was in the middle of a wicked migraine with the entire works - nausea, light sensitivity, dizziness, etc. It was just about all I could manage to get up to nuke some Bagel Bites for the kids. Laural came out to the kitchen and asked what we were having for Muffin Tin Monday and I told her we were going to wait until tomorrow to do it because I felt so sick. Well, that was enough to break her heart and she went into the living room crying. So, being the softy I am, I grabbed a tin and arranged her bagels in a tin and grabbed a yogurt and an apple sauce to add to it and that was enough to make Laural's day all better again. I'll probably do a tin tomorrow or Wednesday with the week's theme.

Top Row: Strawberry Applesauce, Cherry Crush Cup, Apple Juice
Bottom Row: Cheese Bagel Bites

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w said...

awww. my girls look forward to mtm, too. and you pulled it off real well!

Jen said...

You poor thing. Those migraines are the worst! You're awesome for putting it together. Hope you feel better.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope you are feeling better. The tin looks good. JDaniel would love it.

MamaGames said...

Aww! My kids miss muffin tins when we have to miss a week too. I hope you're feeling better... migraines are so terrible.

Tinkr said...

Hope your feeling better.
We have MT lunch almost every day because the children love it so much. its so easy to throw a selection of foods into a MT


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