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Monday, February 15, 2010


Months before Christmas, Laural started asking for Pixos. It wasn't really something I wanted her to have but, I had a coupon for it which made it cheap so, for Christmas, Laural got a small Pixos set. I haven't really been al that keen on actually getting it out, but I figured I couldn't put it off forever, so today we broke them out. First, I showed Laural how to work the pen and then I let her have at it. It can be frustrating as a parent, watching your child try to do something that requires a very steady hand for the first time. But, trying to be a good parent and let my child learn to figure things out on her own, I only offered gentle guidance as she attempted to drop the tiny,colored balls onto the tray. It was rough going at first, but she managed to get an entire puppy dog made. It was fun watching her begin to master a new skill. She was very excited when she finished. She attempted to spray it herself, but the water bottle was a bit stiff, so she had a rough time with it. and I ended up spraying it for her. After letting it dry a while, I attempted to take it off the tray but it started to come apart and it was still a little sticky, so I pushed the little balls together and sprayed it again. We let it set for a couple hours, then I unstuck it from the tray (not an easy feat) and sprayed the flip side to make it stronger. When all was said and done, we ended up with a very cute, blue puppy dog and an orange dog bone. Now, I can't help but think about how long I can put it off before we have to do another one. ;-)

Laural uses the big Pixos pen to create her puppy.

The finished product.

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