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Monday, February 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

The Muffin Tin Monday theme this week was Color Series: Red / Valentine's. We used our new red heart shaped silicone muffin tins and filled them with red, pink and white foods which made for a very pretty Valentine's tin. We used the red heart cups I bought a couple weeks ago to go along with our tins.
Top: Red & White Gummy Hearts, Frozen Strawberries, Strawberry Yogurt w/ Sprinkles
Bottom: Red Egg, Heart Shaped PB&J

My happy girl in her pink cupcake jammies, taking a moment from her gummy hearts to get her pic taken..

The red egg was a huge hit with Laural. She loves boiled eggs - the whites anyhow, so I began preparing for this week's MTM by taking a peeled boiled egg and placing it in a cup of water with red food coloring about 5 days ago. Today, the white was red the whole way through. Laural loved her red egg. She wants me to make colored eggs all the time now. Here is what the egg looked like cut in two.

P.S. I have been extremely lax about keeping up with blogging. I've been taking pics of all the things we've been up to in school and with MTM and I've been taking my Project 365 but I just haven't been posting them! This is a post in an attempt to "catch up."

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