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Friday, June 4, 2010

Picking Clover & Spearmint

After reading Dana's post on her blog, Roscommon Acres, about her yummy looking batches of Red Clover Jelly, I was inspired to give it a try. We don't have red clover here, but we do have white clover in our yard, so Laural and I went out to see how much we could find. I was surprised at how little we had. It looked like we might have enough for a small batch, so we started picking. Laural looked so sweet in the middle of the high grass picking clover.
Picking Clover

Bringing Back Her Harvest
Doesn't she look like something right out of Little House on the Prairie?

We didn't get much but we did manage to get enough to make one batch of jelly.

 Since we didn't make out well with the clover, I decided to pick some of the spearmint that grows by the house to try making jelly out of that. I wasn't able to find a recipe that sounded like what I wanted to make. Most of the mint jelly recipes are for apple mint jelly. I really don't want apple in it, so I've put together my own recipe and will be making that tomorrow too. Both the clover and the spearmint are soaking overnight and tomorrow we will try to turn it all in to jelly! I am looking forward to giving it a go!

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