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Monday, August 31, 2009

Laural's 1st Day of School!

This certainly is a day of firsts! Laural started school today - homeschool, of course. Laural got to wear one of her new back-to-school outfits. She loved everything about the day. Wearing new clothes, posing for pictures, her new computer lessons, her muffin tin circus lunch and that she got to sit at the kitchen table and do her homework while her cousins, Kali & Austin, did theirs.

Laural's 1st day of school picture.

Our schedule today was a little off since Micah was up for 2 hours last night making for a rather tired mommy today. We started our day with the Pledge to the Christian Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance and then circle time. During circle time, we had opening prayer, observed the weather and talked about the calender and the date. After that was Bible class. We keep it pretty simple. A Bible story and song followed by a brief discussion about the story. Next we did language arts. We are doing Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read. We did the workbook and computer games for the letter A. It's pretty cute. Next we did Spanish class. We are doing Hooked on Spanish. It has a workbook and computer games. After Spanish, we had our Muffin Tin Monday lunch. After lunch, we had quiet time. Laural sat in her room and quietly looked at some of her books. Quiet time will be a bit of a challenge for her since she isn't really used to it, but hopefully, she will adapt to it quickly. After quiet time, we did math. Math took a little longer since we had to go over some definitions and learn to read math problems. She did some simple addition problems on her own and did great with them. We need to practive her number writing a little more though. We've been kind of lax on that and it shows. She makes her threes backward and her sixes usually end up sideways. We will start working on that tomorrow. After math, we did some improvised phys ed. Laural loves anything that has to do with jumping and running around! The rest of our schedule was put off until later since our day had to be abbreviated due to the Micah's night time adventures! After dinner, we had to go to the Historical Society so I could get the newsletter on their computer and get it printing.

Tomorrow, we will introduce our science theme for the week and our history theme. We start story time tomorrow too! It will be another fun and busy day.

My cousin might be bringing me tomatoes tomorrow as well. I am dying for some fresh homemade tomato soup. We also have to run to my parents' house tomorrow to check on their cat while they are away camping in New York.

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