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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kind of a Boring Day

The title says it all. Today was pretty boring, which really isn't a bad thing. We started with story time but the little girl who regularly attends was sick today so it was just Laural. We didn't stay since we needed to get to the library to work a bit more on the computers there. We got the one working correctly but it looks like the other one will need formatted again. We can't seem to get it to do anything! We still have some software to load on the working one though. We will be going back tomorrow since the kids were getting pretty cranky and hungry and we decided to leave. After we got home, Steve headed to bed. He had training tonight, so he needed to get some sleep. We had peanut butter pancakes for dinner because I had a nasty headache and really didn't feel like doing much of anything. Steve left at 7pm. I missed a Ministry Council meeting because I had no car. We watched a little tv, I played with the kids and then I got them ready for bed. Pretty boring day. LOL But it was good boring.

After getting some work done on the library computers, I need to make a Giant Eagle run. Need to nab a few good deals before this weeks sale is over. I also hope to get a trip to Kmart in this week since they have a few good deals on some toys that Laural wants for Christmas.

I am going to make onigiri tomorrow. I have had my salmon salting for almost 2 days. I need to make the sushi rice and buy some Nori at the organic store. I'm also thinking about making tamagoyaki. I've also been wanting to try my hand at falafel and lentil-hazelnut balls. I've been wanting to do bento so I've been spending time following a couple of bento blogs and flickr streams that have such yummy looking bento meals! I don't have any boxes or cute accessories though. I'll just have to serve the goodies on a plate.

I need to go order tires before bed. I took a good look at our two back tires and was shocked to see how bad they are. I could feel how rough the ride was getting but I never thought they would look that bad. I hope the tires come in fast!

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