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Monday, November 30, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

We find ourselves at yet another Muffin Tin Monday! There was no theme today, so I just put a few of Laural's faves in a tin and let her have at it. I don't think it really matters if it's just a plain lunch or a themed lunch - she just adores it.

Top: Green & Red Pepper Strips, Nestle Crunch, Milk
Bottom: Pretzel Sticks, Hot Dog, Ketchup

She loves posing for MTM pics! She was quite excited today as it was her first time trying the red peppers. She loved them! When she was younger, she didn't like her hot dog on a bun, so I started slicing the hot dogs and putting pretzel sticks in them. She was quite pleased with this and we have continued to do that. She got to skewer her own dogs today. She loved that too since it made her feel grown up. Very cute.

Micah missed out on Muffin Tin Monday today. He seems to prefer to nap around lunch time. If I try to feed him first, he gets quite grumpy and really doesn't eat anything anyway. He gets to eat after he wakes up, but I don't put it in a tin since he really doesn't have much of a clue. I probably should, but today, I was lazy. Ah, well. Next week.

1 comment:

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Great tin! Pretzels in hot dogs I will have to remember that idea. Like your holiday liners.


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