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Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Busy Christmas Day!

There's nothing like Christmas time to fill your schedule up in a hurry! We had endless errands and last minute gifts to buy in the days leading up to Christmas, not to mention all the gift wrapping. Today, Micah was cranky and fussy while we started opening presents. Thinking he was just hungry, I gave him something to drink to tide him over. A few minutes later, he was throwing up. After cleaning him up and finishing the rest of the presents, Steve cuddled with him on Laural's bed. He fell asleep for a few minutes and then threw up again. Next, we put him in his crib and after a 3rd throw up and clean up, he fell asleep for over 2 hours. I stayed home with him while Laural and Steve went to his mom's. Once they got home, we all went to my folk's house where Micah got better over the course of the afternoon. He acted like he was starving and ate and ate and ate! He had crackers, rolls and water. I was afraid to give him much more than that. No more throwing up. By 6 or 7 PM, he was back to his normal self. We hung out at my parent's for a little while, watching tv. My mom started having some sort of allergic reaction but couldn't find her Benedryl. By the time we were getting ready to leave, she was in bad shape, with an extremely itchy rash all over. So, after we got home, I found our bottle of Benedryl and sent Steve to meet my dad half way. We were just going to run to WalMart, but they were still closed. Once Steve got home, we finished getting the kids ready for bed and crashed out ourselves. It was a good Christmas though. Laural was super excited over all her presents. It was SO cute to see her get so excited over every little thing. I love watching her. She picked out a pretty pair of "diamond" earrings for me. She told me that she saw a commercial on tv about every kiss begins with K. And she wanted to get me the earrings "because they were beautiful just like you." So sweet! What a little angel! She is such a loving little thing. My baby girl. ♥♥♥

Laural got: a Tag reading system, a tub of Legos, a new Click Start game, an angel and mermaid dress up costume, Pixos, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake & If You Take a Mouse to the Movies books and a Mouse plush to match, a Flat Stanley book, a smiley spoon and spatula to help me in the kitchen, dress up shoes (from Micah), a giant pencil, Christmas stickers, stencils, a red shirt, lotion, Agent Cool Blue and Smart Rinse, a wooden penguins set, Glow necklaces, Diego glasses case, a tambourine-like hand instrument, and a Disney Princess dry erase board. Nana got her a Barbie Cruise Ship, Band in a Box, Ken doll, Barbie clothes, and a Bear Hunt wooden flip game. Tom & Steve got her a "I Can Do That" Cat in the Hat game. Grandma & Grandpa Cook got her a Dora dress up doll, a pretty purple fleece, Hello Kitty socks, and one of those expandable washcloths with Dora on it. Great-Grandma & Grandpa Wilson got her a Dream baby doll. Brian got her a bag of candy. Rob & Amy got her a Tinkerbell jewelry box like the one from the movie.

Micah got: a big bag of Mega Bloks, a My Pal Scout, Fridge Phonics, Alphabet Pal, If You Give a Moose a Muffin & If You Give A Pig A Party books and a Moose plush to match, A Fishie board book and The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book, 2 wooden cars, a giant pencil, Christmas stickers, stencils, farm stickers, nesting barrels, a wooden peg & hammer bench, Superstar microphone, green striped t-shirt, a maraca, and glow necklaces. Grandma & Grandpa Cook got him a Little People dump truck, Jack in the Box, a Spiderman expanding washcloth, and an orange shirt. Great-Grandma & Grandpa Wilson got him a bedbugs hammer toy. Brian got him candy. Rob & Amy got him a Busy Ball Popper (he already has one though).

Gifts to Both/family: Operation game, Hi-Ho Cherry-o game, Up dvd, G-Force dvd, Monsters vs. Aliens dvd (with bonus dvd), 3 Berensteins Bears dvds, an abacus, a Sit & Spin, Bunny Crackers, Pictureka card game, and the Candy Land Castle game. From Tom & Stevie: Pumpkin cookies and a $40 gift certificate to Compadres. From my parents: cookies & goody tray. From my grandparents: cookies and pumpkin bread. From Brian: cookies.

Steve got: A crank flashlight. From his mom: illuminated keyboard, Quantum of Solace dvd, Bible trivia and word challenge desk calendars, $50 gift certificate to Borders and Gospel Book Store, passport fees and a framed photo of Steve with his dad & brother.

I got: "diamond" earrings from Laural, Reese's cups from Micah, mini cookies cutters, silicone cupcake liners, silicone basting brush, magnetic to do list, fuzzy red gloves, and reusable shopping bags from Steve.

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