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Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Fun Friday Fail

Family Fun Friday didn't come to fruition this week. Steve got asked to come into work and since we really need the overtime pay, he couldn't say no. The kids and I had a typical evening. I made a simple dinner and we watched a little tv. Laural got into some trouble, so she earned herself an early bedtime. i have no idea where she got the water, but when I went in to check them while I was making dinner, she had water everywhere. The couch, he baby brother's head, her table, the stuffed animal she was brushing, the floor, my blanket. And Micah's pants were missing. For some reason, she seems to think he is one of her dolls that she can dress and undress. When I asked about the water, she totally lied to me about it. That is what earned her the early bedtime. She has become terrible with the lying lately. It's driving me crazy. It's to the point where she will lie to me even though I watched her do whatever it was - and she saw me watching her! Ugh! The boldness of a 4 year old. Yeesh!

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