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Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Today

Today was a super easy day. Laural and I went over letter recognition in some unique ways. We also did some reading today with her Tag and then she answered questions about the stories. She did quite well with it. Micah did some building with his Mega Bloks. He is getting really good at building towers! We also sang ABC's. He won't try to sing along but after I sing it once, I pause a minute and then he will start to sing in his own little way. It's so neat to watch him learning things.

About a week ago, Micah started saying something new. Whenever you give him something, he will say "thank you." It's so sweet! He even seems to pause a moment for us to say "you're welcome." I love it! He still uses "e-yet" for many things, especially if he wants something you have, but he is really coming a long way with his speech.

I did a little sewing today. I found a cute pattern for a bat online and whipped one up today. Very cute! I made it to send to a friend, but I think I will definitely be making some for us too.


The top photo is my Project 365 pic for today as well.

In other news, I am getting ready to reformat my hard drive. The computer has been screwy for a little while now. I am starting the process of backing up all my data files this weekend. There's a lot on this computer. I am not looking forward to reinstalling my programs and copying data back onto the drive. No fun here. Bleh.

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