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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Fun! (Not so much, really)

Last night started a new & exciting activity in our house. Now, go back and read that first sentence and imagine a lot of sarcasm with it. At about 3 AM, I was still up, folding laundry and watching tv in my bedroom, when I suddenly hear movement and my daughter's voice in the hall. She was saying "I'm really dizzy! Oh my, I'm really dizzy!" over and over. She didn't sound upset or scared but almost giddy. I raced out to the hall because she didn't come into the bedroom and the stairs are between her room and mine. When I snapped on the light, she was already down the first flight and on her way down the second flight. I called to her to stop as I went down, but she didn't seem to hear me or understand me. When I caught up to her and grabbed her hand, it was then that she looked up at me. I asked what she was doing and she didn't have an answer. She looked a little confused. But I was not. She's a sleepwalker, just like her mama was. The funny thing is that I was just thinking earlier last night that I should probably bring the gate up at night just in case she got up at night and got confused. I guess I should have. Ahh, what fun. The worst part about last night was that once she woke up, she was awake. She didn't fall back to sleep until around 5:30 AM. Which means I didn't get to sleep until 5:30 AM. What a night!

In other news, we got word at about 4 PM today (45 minutes ago) that Amy is in labor and admitted to the hospital. We should have a new baby in the outside world by the end of the night! Very exciting! I'm looking forward to finding out if it's a girl or boy. They wanted to be surprised. I think they are hoping for a girl since they have two boys already. We will soon see!

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