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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Thoughts on Warm Delights

I decided to break out on of my yummy Betty Crocker Warm Delights as a little treat tonight. Hot Fudge Brownie. As I put it together, I glanced at the back of the package to see how long to microwave it and noticed the directions for putting the topping on after it was done baking. "Squeeze the topping pouch 10 times. Tear open and drizzle topping on the brownie." I kind of paraphrased the 2nd sentence but it was the 1st sentence that caught my attention. Squeeze the topping pouch 10 times. I immediately wondered how they came up with that number. Was it just a convenient round number? Is 10 the ideal number of times to squeeze hot fudge topping so that it flows easily out of the little foil pouch? From there, I couldn't help but imagine a Monty Python-esque scene where the people who are responsible for making up the directions were gathered and writing out the proper way to make a small microwave cake.

"Ten shall be the number of times thou shalt squeeze the topping pouch, no more, no less.Ten shall be the number of squeezes and the number of squeezes shall be ten. Eleven thou shalt not squeeze, nor shalt thou squeeze nine, excepting that thou then proceedest on to ten. Twelve is right out. Once the number ten, being the tenth number, be reached, then openest thou thy topping pouch and drizzleth on thy cake, which being quite yummy in my sight, shall be ingested."

Of course, then they decided upon the current set of directions that appears on the package. It would be more fun my way though. Yes, my mind tends to wander in these odd directions several times a day. I blame my husband. I don't think I had ever seen Monty Python in any form before I met him. I'm not certain whether I am better off for having been exposed to it or not. One thing I am sure of though: Those Betty Crocker Warm Delights sure do taste awesome!

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