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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Double Birthday Party!

We decided to have a combine birthday part for Laural and Micah this year since we've been so busy with so many other things. We originally planned for May 1, but since my brother and his family are visiting from Florida, we switched it to this weekend. We weren't sure how many people would end up coming since a lot of family would be in town for Grandma's party, so we decided to have our party at the church too. It was convenient also because the church was still decorated from Grandma's party. We didn't end up starting until around 2 PM. We had lunch first. We had hot dogs and sloppy joes, crudités, fresh fruit, chips & dips & a relish tray. After lunch, Laural & Micah opened their presents. They got so much fun stuff!

While I set up for cake and singing Happy Birthday, Steve took the kids to the other side and played Disney Dance - Stop. Basically, the kiddos dance to Disney music and when it stops, they freeze in whatever position they happen to be in. That was fun to watch!

Next up was the build your own cupcake bar. I made cupcakes and set out 4 different flavors of frosting, some decorator bags of frosting and different toppings and let everyone make decorate their cupcake the way they wanted it. It went oveer rather well. After Laural and Micah had their cupcakes ready, we sang Happy Birthday and they got to blow out their candle and eat their cupcake.

After that, the kids went bowling for candy. Nothing fancy, just when they knocked all the pins down, they got a candy bar. It was good motivation but even after I was done handing candy out, they continued to bowl like mad. We were going to have a water squirtie battle, but the weather got kind of bad toward the end of the party, so I just let the kids take their squirties with them.

Since all of the grandkids were together at the same time, we did a quick pic of all the kids with Grandma & Grandpa, well their Great Grandma & Great Grandpa.


Bobbi said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!!
Happy Birthday Laural and Micah!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Many happy returns to both the lovely kids. Attended couple of birthday parties at venues in NYC in last months. All were amazingly organized with yummy cakes and decorations. Dinner was of high quality and variety of dish ideas were great. Liked the colorful bunting in one of them. Thinking to copy few ideas for my daughter's birthday also.


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