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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Of My Recent Savings

It's been a little while since I've posted anything about a couponing trip here but the past couple days have yielded some pretty decent shopping trips, so I figured I'd brag a little about it.

Today, I hit Giant Eagle for a few things:

5 doz Eggs: 5 dozen for $5 (no coupon but that's a good deal around here)
8 Lunchables: 2 for $1.98 - $1/1(7x) = $.01 money maker each (except one)
4 Kraft Meltdowns: $.99 each - $1/1(4x) = $.01 money maker each
4 Capri Sun Sunrise 10 pack: $2 each - $1/1(4x) = $1 each
5 Marcal Bathroom Tissue 4 pk: $2.69 each - $2/1(5x) = $.69 each
Total OOP: $13.81 (77% savings)

I also went to Fashion Bug to pick up my new swimsuit. I went to the store a little over a week ago after looking online and seeing a suit I liked. It was on sale online for $37.59. The price in the store was $49.99 - regular price. There was a sign that above the swimsuits that said "sale" but nothing rang up on sale. I told them I would order it online and have it shipped to the store for free and I left. I went ahead and ordered it online but just before checking out, I did a quick search for promo codes and found one for $10 off a $30 or higher purchase. I entered it and my suit was down to $27.59 with free shipping to the store! Yay! Hahaha! I love saving money!

On Saturday night, I did a quick Giant Eagle run to get juice before my coupons expired. I got 20 Q's each for juice and peanut butter from ebay.

20 V8 V-fusion Juice: $4.29 on sale 2/$5 - $.75/1(20x) = $1 each
20 Jif Peanut Butter: $2.69 on sale 2/$4 - $.35/1(20x) = $1.30 each
Total OOP $46.00 (67% savings)

A funny little side note: Today was the first time I've had to buy toilet paper since last October. I need to keep my eyes open for another good deal so I can go another 6 months without needing to buy it again.

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