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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Micah's 2 Year Check-Up

Even though Micah has been 2 for nearly a whole month now, he just finally had his 2 year check-up today. I have to admit, I was a little nervous because he has been such a slow gainer that I was afraid we would see another tiny weight gain. I was thrilled, though, when I saw that he gained 2 whole pounds since his last check-up! Good job little man! He also grew 1 inch which makes him 33 inches tall now. He's finally starting to pick up! He might even have been heavier if it wasn't for the fact that he is just getting over a stomach bug. 

He did ok with the exam - he clung to me while the doctor listened to his heart and lungs. He started crying and seemed a little panicked when the doctor tried to look into his ears and freaked when the doctor tried to look into his mouth. He quited right down when the doctor handed him back to me. We got a new prescription for his skin condition and wll begin using that tonight. Hopefully it will alleviate some of the itchiness for him. I really hate drugging him up with Benedryl all the time like the doctor suggests, so I really hope this works for him. I hate it when I see him scratching at himself to the point of making himself bleed. His little fingernails grow so fast that I need to clip them every other day so he doesn't cut himself up. He's still getting over his intestinal ills and has a bit of diaper rash as a result. I hope that it clears soon for him. Poor guy. But other than that, I have a healthy and happy little 2 year old. It's amazing to think that 2 years ago, he was just finally getting out of the hospital. He's come a long way! And to think, there was a time that they thought he might not live to see these days. God is AWESOME!

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