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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Micah's Skinned Knees, Laural's Cruddy Feet and Other Easter Fun

We had such a full day! We started the day with the Easter Basket hunt. I don't know what made her go right for the bathroom, but Laural did and found her basket right away. I figured she would have gone for the kitchen first. Micah also saw his basket right away. I hid it in a simple place - the seat of his high chair. He usually completely ignores his chair, but today he looked right over at it and went right over to see what that was all about. I managed to keep the baskets in tact long enough to get a couple pictures before they started digging through.

 After some fun and sweets, we had to get ready for church. I dressed the kiddos in their coordinating outfits. They looked so cute!
Once we got home from church, I took some pics of the kids in their Easter outfits.

Micah enjoys the warm weather while checking out the driveway.

Laural never misses and opportunity to spin.

We weren't home long before it was time to head out again. Easter dinner was at my Grandparent's this year. Besides my Grandparents and us, my parents, Brian & his kids, Amy & the kids (Rob had to work), and Uncle Tom & Sharon were there. We had ham & turkey, mashed, scalloped and sweet potatoes, biscuits and rolls, deviled and pickled eggs, stuffing, Waldorf salad, and even more stuff that I can't remember. It was all delicious and I ate way too much. After dinner, most of the family went outside but Amy had to run something out to Rob at work, so I stayed inside and held little Rilee Jane while she slept. Laural and Micah went out with everyone else. Micah had a ball running around the yard! I hope he didn't wear my Grandma out too bad after all the work she did getting dinner made. He fell a couple of times and got his first skinned knees. He didn't shed a tear though. He just jumped back up and was on with his playing.

Laural spent the time running around with her cousins and playing all sorts of games like tag and hide & seek. She fell a couple times herself but she didn't get too beat up. She did bite her lip a bit and bruised it but she was fine - because she couldn't see it.

Laural had a nice pair of white sandels that she wore today for Easter. The key word here is *had.* After a couple hours of playing outside they didn't quite resemble the white they once had been. Look at this pic and you will have an idea of what they look like now.
The tops of her feet were just as filthy. Ahh, the fabulousness of outdoor spring and summer fun is upon us. Love it!

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