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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun With Pasta

After I made the pretty dyed pasta two days ago, Laural and Micah were both looking forward to getting to play with it. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite dry enough after only one night, so I let it sit out to dry last night as well. After coming home from our trip to the fire station today, Laural was anxious to try out the pasta.

Once mixed together, it looked so pretty!

Laural dug right in!

She made a house, a wagon, a person and the 5 shells on the left are a snail parade.

I made a face with funky hair.

Laural found lots of neat things to do with her pasta. She made a house for one of her little dolls and put the rigatoni on her fingers so she could make music. Micah was down for a nap, so he will have to get a chance to play a little later.

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melismama said...

Hoping to get some good variety of pasta this week and have this for next weeks craft! I love it!


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