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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Trip to the Fire Station

Today was an open house at the Pine Township Fire Station (an all volunteer company) so we jumped into the car and headed out for a little fun at the firehouse. We started with a little lunch since they had hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, pop and cake. After eating, one of the firemen showed us around the station. We saw the garage bays where the trucks are usually parked, all the turnout gear hung up so the firefighters can get dressed in a hurry, the "hang out" room, and the radio room. After that, we went outside to look at the trucks. They have 2 tankers, a rescue truck, a brush truck and another truck (large pick-up type truck) that I forgot to ask about.
Laural was super excited to sit in the truck. She wanted to know what everything was.

Micah was quite fearful of the big trucks but he managed to sit long enough for me to snap a quick picture.

Laural made a little friend who was more than happy to show her all around the trucks. His daddy is one of the firefighters.

After we looked at everything, one of the firemen gave the kids each a fire helmet and a badge. Laural proudly modeled hers while Micah just wanted to get it off his head. On the way home, Laural told me that tonight she is going to be dreaming about being a firefighter. I hope they are good dreams!

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