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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Year's Muffin Tin Meal - Circus Theme

I was browsing the MTM post concerning last year's circus theme and clicked on my own link only to find that it linked to my blog and not the particular post. So here is the link to that post and sorry for the onconvenience if you clicked here from MTM.

Our 1st Muffin Tin Monday
I came across the cutest idea on another blog and had to investigate further. Muffin Tin Monday - you put lunch or snacks in muffin tins. I went to the Her Cup Overfloweth blog and after looking at all of the links of pics of other mom's MTM creations, I decided I had to do it. So, today we did our first MTM. Laural absolutely loved it. She said it was "the best lunch I ever had!" and "you are the best mommy for making me this wonderful lunch." She is so sweet! Micah was more interested in getting the food into his belly rather than looking at it. LOLThe cups contain: Green pepper strips; an apple head clown with raisins for eyes, red grape nose, blueberry mouth, carrot hair and strawberry hat; drink; lion shaped pb&j; popcorn and vanilla yogurt with colorful sprinkles. This was fun to make and even more fun to see Laural's face light up when she saw it.Please ignore the mess in my kitchen in the pics. LOL I've been reaaranging the kitchen and everything is out of sorts during this process. I hope to have it back to "normal" sometime next week. :)
I almost forgot to add the button for MTM!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

** I decided to copy past the contents as well. **


melismama said...

Awesome! We also started our Muffin Tin Lunches yesterday! Our local Dollar Tree had the tins for $ 1 so I picked up three and the kids ate the entire lunch! I just hope the novelty does not wear off with my three..lol.....Cute idea with the apple!

melismama said...

I am so honored to pass along this Versatile Blogger award to you! I hope you accept it!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Cute kids! I love the muffin tin idea but have yet to apply it...


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