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Monday, September 20, 2010

School Today

A couple highlights from our day today:

Laural did some painting today. We got a sun-catcher at the dollar store which Laural enjoyed painting. It was Ariel - her favorite Disney Princess! Unfortunately, I didn't get any actions shots, just the final product after we hug it in the window.

Micah practiced some fine motor skills today. I gave him a handful of alphabet bead and a shoelace to try his hand at lacing. I think the aglets (yes, I watch Phineas & Ferb) are a bit too short so that made it a tad difficult for him at first. He kept trying though and eventually got the hang of it.

Next, I gave him a pair of easy to use chop sticks and let him try picking up the beads and transfering them to a tray with star and heart shape cups. For the first couple, he had to pick the beads up and put them in the chopsticks. Then he figured it out and was easily picking the beads up with the chopsticks and transferring them like a pro. While we were doing these activities, I would ask him to find a particular letter every now and then which he did great with. He knows almost all of his letters. Then I asked him to tell me what the letters were and as he picked up and placed each bead in a cup, he would shout out the letter. He gets very excited over these things!

This last pic is of Micah getting to play with the colored pasta the other night since he was napping when Laural got to play with them. He immediately took a shine to the wagon wheels so we sorted them all out and he played happily with just those for quite a while. After a bit of playing, I gave him some containers and he really enjoyed transferring the pasta between them. A couple of times, he started to divide them by color but then he seemed unhappy that they were so far apart and gathered all of them together again. It's really quite fun to watch him learn and get so excited over it!

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