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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Bento Goodies

Whiel I was oout doing some shopping over the past couple of days, I found a couple of cute containers at a stellar price that I plan to use for bento meals. Yay! New stuff!

I love sandwich boxes for bento boxes! These colorful boxes were on clearance at Walmart for just $.50 each. Since we have been color coordinating our family (everyone has their own color bath items, school supplies, etc.) I thought these would be a great addition. Laural has blue, Micah is green, I'm the pink and Steve is orange. Whenever we have bento picnics, we won't have to open the boxes to see which belongs to who.

While grocery shopping yesterday, I spotted these cuties at Giant Eagle, on clearance for $1.50 each. I'm a sucker for cute coordinating pieces, so I got each kid a set. They had a third design that I considered getting for myself - Tinkerbelle - but I'm not sure I'm young enough anymore to pull off a Tinkerbelle lunch set. Besides, that would have left poor Steve without a set and we can't have that!

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