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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muffin Tin Tuesday & Week 2 of School

Since I had a lot of energy this morning, I decided to get some big cleaning projects out of the way and put school off until the after lunch. Lunch today was a la muffin tin since yesterday was a holiday and we were out at a family cook out. This week's theme for school is Jungle/Rainforest, so I made our lunch to go with the theme. There was no set theme this week at Muffin Tin Mom.
We had chicken nugget animals (they were actually safari animals but I went with them anyhow), cabbage grass with red pepper flowers (carrot centers), an applesauce nest with grapes as snake eggs (just imagine that the animals are far away and the nest is really close LOL), and broccoli tree tops with carrot flowers. It was a big hit with Laural but Micah only ate some applesauce and some of the nuggets. At least I get veggies in the boy with the V8 V-Fusion juice.

School this week is jungle theme and we have some fun activities planned but no field trips to the jungle. I'd like to go to the Cleveland zoo since they have an awesome rainforest building, but I don't like going that far without Steve and he has to work the next 6 days. Oh well.

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melismama said...

Looks yummy...cute theme! Rock on!


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