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Friday, September 3, 2010

Homeschool Today

It's hard to believe that the first week of school is already over! What a great week we had! We had a treasure hunt, a muffin tin meal, a field trip to a dairy farm, a field trip to the farmers market, a trip to the fair which turned into a learning experience as we made our way through all of the animal barns and lots of learning! Awesome! I hope each of the coming weeks are as successful. 

Today, we finished up our farm theme. 
Laural: Spent some time sounding out words in Snow White, filled in some lapbook elements, played Match-It math, did adding and subtraction with little marshmallows and started french.

Micah: Learned the number 1 and we counted 1 of various things, he practiced making squares (which were very similar to circles), he tried to recite Hey Diddle Diddle and he correctly identified all of the flashcards: A, 1, cow, calf and square.

Both: We sang farm songs: The Farmer in the Dell, Old McDonald, and BINGO. We colored pages in the USDA coloring books we got from the Stoneboro Fair and we danced around the kitchen for gym. Both kids spent a little time doing the match game in the lapbook.

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