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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pretty Dyed Pasta

Today, I decided to make some colored pasta to use as a manipulative for math, art and sorting. I started by gathering my supplies.
Items needed:
assorted pasta in fun shapes
(I used spirals, mini shells, piccolini bows, piccolini wagon wheels and rigatoni.)
zip top bags
food color
(I used the McCormick Assorted and Neon colors)
paper towels
(You could use a couple sheets of newspaper instead. I was just worried that the newsprint might transfer to the wet pasta)

I didn't measure but put approximately 1/4 cup of vodka in each bag and 10 to 12 drops of food color.

Then I added the pasta - about a cup - and shook the bag to mix the pasta into the liquid, making sure to cover all the pasta.

Then I laid the bags out on the table to soak up the color for about an hour and then I flipped the bags over and let them sit another hour.

Finally, I poured the liquid out of the bags and spread the pasta out on a paper towel lined tray to dry overnight. Don't they look so bright and cheery? I can't wait to use them with the kids tomorrow. Laural can't wait either.

A word of warning though.
Vodka and food coloring don't behave well on a wood table top. I hadn't noticed a little leak in one of the bags until it was too late. There's already a chip in the table from Micah's high chair and little dents where Micah sits from him hitting the table with the blocks he plays with and now a blue and white patch. Oh well, I knew I'd have to refinish the table someday anyhow.

** Just wanted to add that the alcohol in the vodka evaporates as it dries leaving behind just dried pasta. I thought about using vinegar but the smell might linger. I also considered using rubbing alcohol but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of using something that wasn't edible in case Micah puts the pasta in his mouth. The vodka has low odor and any residue left after drying would at least be safe for consumption whereas rubbing alcohol might not be.

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melismama said...

WOW, I love it....I will have to try this. thanks so much for sharing!


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