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Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Sign of Spring

I'm an easy going kind of girl. I try not to let things get to me, but right now, there is something in my kitchen that is driving me crazy and I really can't do much about it. Ants. Last year, we started getting those teeny little black ants in our house. I'm not a big fan of using dangerous chemicals in our home, so I tried a couple of more natural ways of eliminating them and near the end of summer and early fall, they seemed to be gone. With the warming of the weather, however, they seem to have found their way back onto my counter. This year, I am taking a more chemical appraoch to getting rid of them. They drove me nuts last summer so this year, I refuse to put up with them. Enter Terro. I went out last night and bought both indoor and outdoor treatments for these 6 legged pests. Steve sprinkled the Terro granules around the foundation this afternoon and I set out some Terro baits near where the little beggers seemed to be coming in. It took only minutes for them to find the baits and call their little buddies in.

It is driving me crazy seeing a little hoard of ants on my counter and having to let them be there so they will take the bait back to the nest and kill the others. I took this picture about 2 hours ago, not long after putting the baits out and they have already nearly eaten the entire puddle of bait. Hopefully, the combo of the indoor and outdoor baits will kill these things off and I can have an ant free home again. I've seen an ant or 2 in the past in my house but last year was the first time I actually had to admit to having ants. Yuck! This year, they will have only a very short stay.

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