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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knee High Nature

We tried something new today. The Knee High Nature program is for kids 2 to 5 at McKeever Environmental Center which is just up the road from our house. In the past, I haven't seen programs on their schedule for younger kids, so this was a nice surprise. It started with a little lecture about insects. The kids learned the different parts of an insect and one child dressed up in an insect costume. After that, we headed outside to walk on the trails to see if we could find any insects. It's still a bit early for most insects but we did manage to find some fireflies, a mayfly and some water skimmers on the creek. We also found a couple spiders and centipedes or millipedes. I'm not sure which they were so I suppose I better learn the difference.

Once we were done on the trail, we went back inside and the kids put together an insect puzzle, then they got to color an insect page.

Laural got to try on the bug costume before we left.

Unfortunately, there aren't anymore of these scheduled right now. I guess they weren't sure they would get much of a turnout so they didn't plan them for too far ahead. The girl who led the group, Stephanie, said she will try to plan some for toward the end of summer and into fall. I hope so. Laural really enjoyed it and made some new friends. One little girl in particular wanted to hold Laural's hand as they walked. Too cute.

I wish I would have remembered my camera. I had to take pics with my cell phone which isn't so great, actually. At least I was able to take some pics.

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