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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cold Weather Strikes Again

We are back to chilly, wet weather here which means we have been inside most of the last couple of days. I am missing those warm sunny days and can't wait until we have them back again!

Today, Laural tried a couple of online games at a new website we found through a facebook ad - gameclassroom.com. There are several different types of games for grades K through 6. Laural seemed to enjoy it overall but most of the K games were a little too easy for her. The 1st grade games were a little better but the one that would have been the best for her for math was timed and seemed to go very fast, even on the slow level which only frustrated her. The game would have been perfect if it hadn't been timed. She also did some Hooked on Phonics work and tonight before bed, we spent some time looking at the moon and stars. We were able to see Saturn tonight! Tomorrow is reading, Spanish and we are going to do a little geography - we recently got a new USA puzzle and a wipe off states book. She's going to love those.

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